The Dream Renewed


United States
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Words, just words a man speaks,
but they cradle me in wonder.
Maybe if I wait a little longer
and I march a little stronger

the world could change.
Behind our footsteps, The Dream
Within his words, a tough team
Just like molecules building up steam.

I have a dream
Just like that of Doctor King’s,
a man who gave me wings
to wish for the right things.

Yes, I will stand by another
and call him my brother,
we’ll pursue yet another
human right to recover.

The dream is renewed
in a different voice.
Guess we don’t have a choice
with injustice so close.

Dream on my sisters,
The Dream is alive.
We must continue to strive,
and make wakes with our vibe.

And the vibe on the streets,
in a speech or in beats,
play it loud ‘cuz it speaks.
So save me a seat

for the day that it’s as real
as the White House seal.
So our children will feel
The Dream slowly reel,

reel them with the voice
of a man who could Dream,
and again fix the seam,
once again see redeemed
our heart pounding dream

And yes,
this Is my Dream.



This is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with our community!

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