At age 16, 

My momma said to me,

You're gonna marry some boy,

Who cares about bein' free?


Who cares about workin' hard,

For your goals and dreams?

You're not strong enough,

You're too weak -- you're a girl,

That XY chromosome

Was the reason you will be going home

Not alone -- 

With your almight XY strength 

-- But rather, 

With some boy that will make you shatter

'Cause the big dream you want

Ain't gonna be relevant;

Finding a husband is all that matters. 


But no,

That ain't what I wanted.

I decided then,

The future I envisioned,

Ain't gonna be somethin' my momma will control.


I ain't gonna let centuries of patriarchy

Stop me from doin' what I believe.


So I dreamed an even bigger dream than what my momma wanted,

And I said,


"Momma, the husband is gonna wait, 

'Cause the only person I need to care for

Is me.

I'm gonna shine and dine on my own and rise to the stars and let the whole world know,

I'm good on my own,

I will never let myself go."

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