Down the Road (Ten Years)

It feels like a perfect day

To not care what they all say

They’re just full of envy

They’re just jealous of me

Maybe that’s vain but I don’t care

I’m just throwing that out there


I just gotta ignore what they say

They’re just ignorant anyway

They know nothing about me

And I won’t let them off easy

I just gotta let them be

All that they’ll ever be is mean

Ten years down the road from today

It won’t mean a word anyway


It feels like the perfect time

To not care what they don’t like

They just wish they were me

Wish they could be this neat

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t care

Just throwing that notion out there


It’s such a perfect night

Haters can just take a hike

If they don’t want to be friends

Well then I shouldn’t go on the offense

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