The Door

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 01:53 -- GaryzFU


United States
40° 12' 22.0572" N, 90° 21' 21.6288" W

You fear it,
The door you never dared to look behind.
You're content with not knowing;
Scared of what you will find.
What if the door leads to better?
Or worse….
What if?

Your thoughts of what is worse,
Overpower the better.
It could be a letter,
A feather?
Maybe some dust.

You relish the thought of ending it.
IT being the torment of not knowing;
Your thoughts will never allow such treason,
Always jumping to conclusions,
No time for reason.

Sitting, thinking,
Dreaming, fearing.

Never knowing what you will find
Behind that door
All this time.


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