I wish at times things stopped accelerating and stopped moving, the hundreds of Babel's being raised to the sky.
The global economy shut down for a day at least
Some say we are witnessing the end times, the coming days of judgement on this earth found in The Book of Revelation.
They forget they are only one generation out of many, of course the world to them will give them a feeling that things were better before, that Eden sat upon the corner of a street sign. Romanticized like all the reformers and great men who cover the pages of history books.
Sin has never changed or worsened in quality. It has always been that cunning toothed serpent that made it's way into men's souls to tempt them with evil.
Our technologies have heightened our sense of danger
as well as loneliness. That innocence is of an idyllic farmyard.
Those who cry the end! the end! the prophecy is being fulfilled. Have skipped to the end of their life's journey too soon. Because that is all they have taken from the Book of Life. It is the favorite part of the text for pessimists and cynics. Everyone likes to clutch onto the destruction
of this world, including I at times.
Oh but there must be more to go.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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