I remember the old days,

when the world was on the brink of war,

when you held onto me and told me not to go!

But I said it was my destiny,

I thought I was invinsible, immortal, a GOD.

But i never thought i could be snatched away and sold,

They never actually took me, no.

They took a piece of me,

My sanity, my soul, my inner being!

Saying I was fighting for my country!

But that war took me to another world.

Transforming me into a person I didn't know!

The only thing I thought about was surviving,

and shamefully never you.

I need to say the truth,

It wasn't you who made me want to live to the next day.

It was my own human instinct!

Of not not being six feet under and rotting away.

I could lie and say I laughed death in the face!

that I wasn't scared to close my eyes and be sucked into the blackness!

Never to see earth again.

But I am done with the lies that make up the human race.

lies and greed are what cause wars.

Making me pray i could be in another place!

Because these two things are in the never ending cycle of life!

I look into the near future with sadness!

The human race is doomed!

I am just warning you

 be careful of what you do

because it may very well be over soon.



Very powerful

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