Don't Build Homes Inside of People

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 17:53 -- gold120
Never build a home inside of a person.
People are too temporary
Just think of it this way..
If you found a piece of land that you were interested in
And decided to build a home there
But you know the area is tornado prone and tornados hit it every couple months.
Why would you want to build a home?
But if you decide to build it anyway,
The tornado will bring it down 
And when all of your hard work, time and life was a wasteful investment
You'll still love that piece of land anyways
Because you loved it for what it was, despite what may have happened 
But life's not going to wait for you 
Someone else will fall in love with that land while you still love it 
And build their own home.
And It's going to hurt because you'll feel like it was rightfully yours,
Which is only normal,
Because you were there first..
But it's land, it's rightfully anyone's who can claim it and care for it.
And there will be absoulutely nothing you can do about it
Except, sit, watch and hurt.
So don't build homes inside of people.
Not here... Not in this generation...
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