Distant Memories


Take not my heart with you 
Where green grasses are bold and blue
Where wheat is pale and taller than the trees
Take yourself away from me

Take not my heart wherever you go
Be it into the woods that are swathed in snow
Be it muddy maggoted trunks where salamanders hide
Take with you these ribboned lies


When you are next to me, helplessly, I’ll hope the old saying is right:
“Opposites attract,” I’ll say, watching bright stars twinkle against a blackened night.

I am reminded of gentle hums that once were my invitation,
The arcane vibrations stimulating my own creation.

I am reminded of black paint strokes and ink-stained skin – 
Of flower-stains on round ruddy cheeks that beg the sun, 
“Kiss me, kiss me.”


My excuse is that I am a collector of oddball knick-knacks
I am a curator of intellectual acuity, of artistic ability.

My secret is that I am a lover.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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