I look back at you fondly

I have loved and hated you

We been apart for so long

I thought I missed you but I didn’t

I have only missed the memories

I have seen your face again

In some ways you have changed and

Others ways you have stayed the same

I know I am the same way

Because change is a part of life

But our conversations feel empty to me

Like the empty bottles you hold

I feel tired after our conversations

Being around isn’t the same and

I didn’t expect it to be

But I don’t need you as much as you need me

I am heading towards the city lights and dreams

While you head to years of school and patients

You are surrounded by liquor and people

While I surround myself around with music and good vibes

I wouldn’t be sad if I never saw you again

I think about you too much

We have broke each others hearts before

I am ready to let you go

But are you ready to let me go

I hope this is my last poem about you

Cause I’m drained of writing about

You rush towards the future

While I am enjoying right now

I prefer being distant from you


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