The disposable solder

Sat, 01/13/2018 - 12:53 -- Neftee

Moonlight streaked
Through the rocket smoke
Like blood rinsed through
A butcher shop drain.
And just like that
They silence the disposable
For we are merely a resource for warmongers.
All around
Rung the sounds of
Lives being ruined
And ended.
Lives of men
I befriended
And others
I never got to
Speak with.
went the guns,
Those awful guns
They sent the bridge
To hell
Under the weight of their
Blasted fucking shells
As the captain
Went to pieces
I was sickened
as they fell.
The gunners were spattered
As those bombs
Their armor clad bunker.
Evidently not armored well enough.
And as this destroyer sank
I thought that in the end
It didn't even matter.
We didn't end any wars
And we didn't save any lives.
All we did was kill people
And kill ourselves.
Damn the president
And damn those who damned us.
They didn't pick up a gun
They left that up to 18 year olds.
Damn the world
And God damn them all.


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