Disability; By Xubair

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 11:56 -- xubaire


The lack of an ability. 
A table with a missing leg.
Or a chair with an absent arm.
You come to understand. 
That this is all just, God's plan. 
So your disfigurement is irrelevant. 
Whether you're blind, deaf or missing a hand.
Because we're all just the same.
We're all playing to be played.  
Don't allow it to define you.
To be honest, that's just lame. 
We're all playing to be played. 
Quite frankly, life is just a game.
So you choose.
It's either you sink or float. 
Submerge or emerge.
A feeling of a feeling. 
That your prayer shall be heard.
A disability is not physical. 
But there are disabilities, that are not seen.
A sickness of the heart, that may have always been.
So worry not about the reflection in the mirror.
For inside, is where resides the truth.
We cannot see the unseen.
Some are simply, rotten fruit.


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