The Dignity of The Flawless


Cordova High School
United States
35° 10' 53.922" N, 89° 45' 58.1508" W

Yes I am flawless, from the color of my skin to the brown glow in my eyes. I am a soaring bird, who always flies. Obstacles stand hand to hand waiting for a perfection to come on their land.
Yes I am flawless, from my strength to my intelect.
I am someone who any human will never forget, or is it regret because of the way I shine my light so bright that my confidence can fright?
Maybe it's how I stand out and speak through my shining teeth? That shine so bright like the color on a fall leaf.
Yes I am flawless, as long as I know. Clearly that is what makes my "flawlessness" grow.

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