Digital Darkness

Coded Numbers, flashing light,

Keep me up all through the night.

My eyes grow tired,

and same for my brain.

Is a.i. helpful or am I insane?

They say it's a breakthrough.

There's no need to fuss.

Perhaps, there are ways it's controlling us.

From our time, to our feelings,

emotions, and soul.

The ol' Digital Darkness,

I've fell in its hole.

All the stories we see,

All the big news we hear,

Make me feel anxious, nervous,

And even have fear.

I'm captured by clickbait,

Celeb ships are broken.

Politicians corrupt.

Not one honest token.

It frames our up our life,

Like a picture of steel.

It's not really ours.

The drama's our meal.

I swipe for my life,

On the gram, in my feed.

This Digital Darkness,

Stop, and watch it impede.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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