Didn't Have a Name

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:33 -- Alabian

Didn't Have a Name


Look, my two litte feet

They're mine--you gave them to me

But you do not care

My brand new heart is for you

If only you felt that way too

Maybe you will love me when I come out there


Don't touch me

Don't let me die alone

Please don't hurt me

I just want to be your own


You took my eveything before I even saw the light

And all I wanted was home and a mother and a life

I gave my heart to you--you crushed it just the same

Though you made me and you fed me and I loved you

I didn't even have a name


Soon you'll hold me close to your chest

Sing softly as I lay down my head--like mothers should do

Here I am, warm and protected

Memorize every raise of your breath

Maybe when I'm older I can be like you


But something isn't feeling right

You went ahead and tore me up and snatched away my life


A garbage bag won't suffice

When you compare it to what should've been my life

Are you happy now that you're free?

And will you fight for the right that you should murder more like me?

Did you shed those tears over what you'd done?

And then go out and claim my heartbeat never had begun?


You took my everything before I even saw your face

And I was tricked into believing I'd find comfort in this place

I gave my heart you and watched you throw it away

And though you made me and you fed me and I loved you

I didn't even have a name

I didn't even have a name

You took my name







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