"Dessert Island? Nah, I'll Just Take the Entrée" or "Taking a Bite out of Love"

Act I

A tap at the door ... ... ...

Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor!

I pause my binging,

And begin unhinging

The door and myself...


Act II

I answer.

I pant; were

You the one with whom I spoke on the phone?

This smell, as I'd hoped

Is entrancing.

I feel like dancing.



An exchange of currency, words, and salivating warmth.

"My hunger for you, General, has never been so strong" I say, sounding sultry.

General Tso;


How I love this poultry.



At an affordable price

With a side of rice

And a little spice,

This vision of chicken in a glazed red

Has somehow embed

itself into my stomach's heart.

Even on a desert island, I could not part

With the highest rank an entrée bestows:

A General Tso's.


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My community
Our world
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