It started with a light 

a single life. 

the light under the door  

coming through the cracks in the windows 

cracks under the lids  

of my eyes 

waking slowly  

in your arms. 


then came

the rain of life 

a torrent of love  

a tidal wave 

curling around  

broken pieces  

sweeping away  

the not so great parts.  

a monsoon so mighty 

we couldn't help but bend  

to those feelings. 

a natural disaster.   


A disaster.   


now the dry spell has set in. 

the cracking of the crumbling 

earth we walk  

seperate paths 


we are telling the same story 

in a different language  

painting words 

wording pictures

same station 

different wavelengths 

synonomous inequality. 


you are not the  


I am not the  


we are only fuel for the flames 


a burning heat 


When all the love dried up 

all that's left is this emptiness  

the empty space  

between our hands  

on the bench 

your eyes so glazed   

a man dying of thirst.


I want to scream  

across this desert  

but no matter how much I waved 




you never saw 

never gave a sign you heard 

a cactus corpse  

a deadly  



now I am tired 

dying slowly 

I rest my head  

on the burning sand  

wishing you were here instead.

I can almost hear

your heart beating 

or maybe it's mine?  


Always mine. 

never more 

never less 

this dizzy double vision 

the illusion of another  

way we could have 



so I get up 

give up  

on you.  

and the heart that  

swept me off my feet  

and abandoned me 

to the elements.


walk away through the haze

blazing hot anger 

coursing through my veins  

drying up the last  

of my love 

any sympathy  

for you. 


sandswept  hair 

cracking skin  

burning eyes

but you will never see me 

cry another tear   


for I am fading  



into a brilliant disguise 

that endless desert 

now reflected  

in my eyes.











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