Descendant From Eden

I lay back,


and the sheets consume me. 

I fall with my feet planted to the floor,

backwards I fall through the mattress 

through the floor

and into the earth


I open my eyes to water, 

ice cold, 

drowning me 

and my earth filled lungs


I turn over to see the waves

of wrinkles in my sheets 

garden sprung in my chest, 

hiccup to tulips painted purple

I speak. 

I speak for the moths that never could measure,

I speak for the wildflowers that never bloomed into red,

I speak for the wolves that are too free,

this conformity 

is what I curse

green on my lips

I have the power now.

but tell me how 

I can make a change 

when I’m too young

and they stay just the same,

never seeing beyond their eyesight

or talking beyond their vocal range 

enough now. 

waterfall and flow

now puddles fill my sight

and lands,

I wish they would understand 

the difference we could make 

if we went all in, don’t hesitate 

to be the weird one in a crowd 

just educate and be loud 

stop the hate.

just filth that lies on your tongues. 

I spit petals and truth

when the world was throwing me thorns,

so why did you conform to coughing up splinters?


I look up to the black of night 

and try to make peace.

I take on the puzzle, I piece 

together the constellations so far.

let’s have the stars 

whisper us secrets of the world

have them cry dust to our ears 

hear the wars and crippled earth,

as they cry to us to change, 

I hold them in my eyes. 

power to it. 

tears are strength in 

passion and expression 

green on my lips,

I have the power now. 


my own tears are where I dive, 

the wetlands and muddy oceans bring me back to the beginning 

in my ocean of sheets 

drowning in the ice cold 

  • Descendant From Eden

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