With Eyes like rainbows,pools overlooking earths magnificent colors
with dancing lights in which life glows
my body falls as it looses all control spiraling into ur maze unconsciously losing myself as it goes
feelings of getting snatched yanked and hurled in big hands as they take shake me soft hands turn to boulders as take me and brake me then suddenly and abruptly halted in the midst of throws.
those lights and and stars now seems so far and a new numbness is planted to rapidly grow.

thus is love and how it tends to go just a warning all hearts should study and know.

Pain peaks levels learn lessons visions of you a vampire draining my heart while numbness grows and leaves tension find urself stressin distraught tears show weakness we've all been there this I know. still alive tho hold that and its blessing it's just a building of strength and the higher powers just testing

but if you've been spared and the heart shows blossoming loath keep it that way or in its place will be just lifeless hearth never again to bare life from that dirt better off just calling it turf and yea that's fake ass grass like fony love and that shit hurts .

inhumane strength will implode mountains like fire go any hights like wonkas elevator that goes both farther and higher
you will fight till u die till he's right back beside ya. and if they say no you will still be his rider n u noe wat they say fight fire with fire

And then there's those moments wen YOUR somebody's attention strays from u have up all night wandering wats wrong n is it you
So u get yr self dolled up and glamorous even rock those red bottom high heeled shoes planned and seemed so flawless perfect night for him n u but that deemed untrue cuz sitting with that wine 1 cup turned into 2 woke up alone there on ya couch wine had u all loose thanks to him plans are blew
but still tho wen he fails to show again ur wandering wats wrong and is it you

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