depression isn't what's stopping you

i'm telling you now

about a girl who lived some how

she lived through death, she lived through fear,

and in some way she managed to hear

the sound of music, the sound of joy,

didn't let herself be taken like helen of troy

she fought for herself with every last breath 

even when he came

and he is death.

he offered her a way out but she said no

just a couple of pills and nothing more

she said no

i don't want to be in the ground

don't want to be held back, hurt, or bound

all i want is to be found

let the people hear my voice and sound

cause everything i'm going through

will help someone, maybe only a few

but if that's what i need to do

then let them know, i know them too

and i will use this pain as fire

to spark a flame, I KNOW YOU'RE TIRED

hold on dear, you soon will see

i know you want to, BUT DON'T GO TO SLEEP

speak your words loud, don't be quiet

you're still alive, please don't die yet

take a stand and yell it out

you can do this, please don't doubt

and all those people?

they will ask you

"how'd you find you?"

you'll tell them you how you soar through the sky

answer that question with one reply


it isn't bad

let it come even if it's sad

use passion in all you do

depression isn't what's stopping you.

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