Welcome to the hospital.

Where they strip you of your human rights
Like liberty and lawful due process
Your right to choose, and live, and think,
Then say you have Delusions of Persecution.

Where they charge you every single day
$5000 for having stayed there
And when you say that you can't pay,
They say you have a Delusion of Poverty.

But when you say you are paid quite well,
Making much more money than most, and that
You are successful, young, and smart,
They claim you must have a Delusion of Granduer.

When you say that you are feeling watched
Because the cameras all around you,
The Doctors and the Nurses say
You are having severe Paranoid Delusions.

And when you feel the painful side-effects
Of the zombifying medication,
The pain, the aches, the cramps, and quakes
Are just symptoms of a Somatic Delusion.

When you call for help from family,
Because you complained about the abuse,
They take your phone calls and clothes,
Citing your obvious Delusions of Control.

When you plea for a listening ear
Because the doctor took advantage of
Your naked, helpless, drugged-up state
They say you have Erotomanic Delusions.

So when they finally let you out,
As a medicated vegetable,
No one will hear your voice or cries.
Because now you're just another "mentally ill"

Schizophrenic maniac.


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