"Shut up you slut! You like this! You love it!"
She screamed into my ear
Hot fiery breath
As if she ate hell for breakfast
And fucked me for desert
I hated her
I wanted her gone
But i was her slave, her bitch
And she was my master
She owned me.
I felt her inside of me
I cried aloud
But my tears were like deep moans to her
So she thrust harder
I tried to scratch her
Hurt her
But she was indestructible
She was immortal
And immoral
She assumed i liked it rough
Like my tears meant i was going to come undone
But really i was crying
Because i couldn't control her
The way she controlled me
She used to bring me smiles
But all i got now was grief
"bend over" she'd always say
That why i never saw her face
Never "faced" her
Because she was a rapist
Who held the blade of death to my throat
But i knew her name
Id never forget it
We all know her name
She gets around, fucks us like a game
"life" she called herself
But all we crave is death to end the pain
with our last breaths
Screaming her name

This poem is about: 
Our world



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