The defence mechanism.

a defence mechanism has its cons and pros, sometimes the cons outweigh the pros.Because you can hide behind that ego and all of that pride until you realise from all the despair and pain people around you have caused , that everyone needs someone.Whether it be a partner in crime, a mother of your children or a simple postman that delivers your love letters to the 'girl next door' that you fell Inlove with.As cliche as it sounds we all need someone.Like you need air in your lungs, like an enthusiastic child needs training wheels on their first bike that their gonna ride.Whether it be god on your side on times of despair.We need someone, because someday you'll be waking up in an empty bed of cold dust that starts eating away at your goosebumps giving you the prickling truth that you.. Are .. Alone, and you need a home.Build a home... With someone and call them and tell them 'honey I'm home!' , that's a simple pleasure in life that we all need to feel safe in someone or something after they lost all hope in humanity.The thought that's been brainwashed into our veins by romantic comedies that we all  need someone can sometimes be false, co-dependency is great but so is independence. You can be happy and content with materialistic things or you can just be happy within yourself.You can be happy that you can roll up to your friends house without worrying about your significant other invading your mini fridge, because you've not got someone rather you have something,you've found defence mechanism , who grabbed your hand and told you to run as far as you can from the first sign of love and told you that it would be you and it against the world..and you'll realise that all you're running away from is the truth,love is not an enemy but someone who will grab you by the throat and tell you to stop running.Stop running running and embrace the world and all of its beautiful clues that led me to you.Love would say 'let me whisper security into defence mechanisms ears and let them grab my last piece of heart and tell them to hold on , because one day they will go home.And one day they will found someone that they can call 'home'.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                        Thought I'd do something a little different I know my usual poems rhyme but I thought I'd go somewhere out of my comfort zone and just make it seem as if I'm telling you a story with a whole bunch of metaphors but enjoy.     

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