Declaration By The People

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 14:31 -- ErnMore

Panthers and Bolsheviks both had their day

But Capitalist swine still have their way

Into our cities they pump drugs and freeways

And try to control us with bad pay and police

But the people are rising

It's time for reprisal!

We'll take homes from banks and schools from the Gates'

The nation's divided: Owners and Us

The Rulers and Workers

The Bourgeois  and Proles

It's time that we take our right to the city

Our right not to have to rely on wealth's small pity.

We make the products, we sell them, we move them

Yet everything's ripped from our hands as if normal!

At Princeton they found that this is no Democracy

But I need no degree to point out the obvious!

We the people are binding

As students, as workers, as humans for dignity!

Liberty was the slogan against Empire!

Liberty is the slogan against Capital!



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