Declaration Of Independance

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 11:20 -- mawee12

July 4, 1776

This day is important I'm sure you've heard,

It's the day we ended a lot of our conflicts.

It's the day we realised being ruled by the king was absurd.

It's the day a group of men got together

and signed this important piece of paper.

risking their lives for freedom of mankind

and if you ask me that's the best gift you can find.

Although it was not approved until August 2nd,

we still celebrate on July 4th with family and fireworks

'cause now you can control how your life works.

You can speek freely and not be killed

you can stay alive and for that you should be thrilled

so when you look up at those beautiful explosions in the sky,

remember those men who risked their lives and were willing to die

just by writing for your freedom

on that special day.

July 4, 1776




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My country


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