Death by Life

Sun, 06/22/2014 - 10:55 -- cinsley


Creativity causes people to think for themselves

Which instills fear in his eyes,

Not wanting to break the link that allows him

To be who he is and prevents him from being who he could be.

Passion drives people to feel on their own

Which makes her understand love,

Not wanting to get her heart broken again she

Has allowed her heart to turn cold and dark.

Change causes people to grow and mature

Which makes him afraid to grow up,

Not wanting to lose his friends

He is forced to live his life in the past.

Courage causes people to stand up for themselves

Which makes her willing to fight for what she believes,

Not willing to back down from a fight

She becomes a leader, a ruthless tyrant.

People are so afraid of death, 

That it scares them out of living their life.


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