Death of Gawain

A rocky hillock grove
Through softly which 
Thy sea-wind blows
By which a single river flows
into the cold loch it goes
Thy Single starry night 
If not a single sound
Be heard
One be deaf from ear to heart
As the lament was icy-clear
Every fawn and doe
Every drake and hen
Keen a mighty sound
With thy lupine notes 
The chorus rings across the land
Say goodbye to a friend
Made of Fire, earth, and wind.
As his-like comes to end
Their solemn word lift his wings
He flies
To that stony grave
Where he closes his eyes
And kisses the mother goodbye.
Now a silence as a single tear falls
The earth grows cold
Missing the fire of that Mighty Race
Now only tales of old
Eternal sleep now 
Mighty Gawain
It is now time
For thy two-leg reign
Along with mother 
Buried in stone you shall sleep
As she fights to keep her place
But her death is of
Thy human race.


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