Hah! Death, I scoff at the word.  How silly people fear what they know NOTHING about.  "Death; the destruction or extinction of something." Destruction? Extinction? You have no idea! The person is at a place far better than this world. So you call it destruction, you say it's extinction, but do you actually know the true definition? People will come, and if so they will go. So far, that is all that we have to know. And yet I am curious, inquisitive at least.  What happens after death, this so-called beast?

Maybe what happens is for God to know.  But I still must find out where they all go.  Maybe this is stupid, maybe I should just quit.  Maybe I wonder just for the fun of it.  But I cannot find out, I can just sit here and wonder.  What happened to all the people that were buried down under? Does new life arise, like some people say, or do they just lay there, wallowing in dismay? This is so infuriating, ridiculous, frustrating you see! This one question might be the death of me.


by Jordan Officer




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