dear you

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 21:25 -- kiley

dear you,

you make me so happy and warm

you make me laugh until i snort and until i cry

you tell me things that you don't normally talk about because of how they hurt you

you trust me with your secrets and truthfully, i would trust you with my life

you are the best friend i never thought i would find and could never stand to lose

but you don't understand just how good you are

you tell me that you're this terrible, awful human being

you tell me that you see a lot of yourself in me and that you hate it

you tell me that you're never satisfied with yourself

and i understand the feeling

i know you think i'm naive, and certainly, i am, but i understand more than you think

you have done awful things

but that does not make you an awful person

it just makes you a person

an awful person would never show me so much love as you have

an awful person would not sit on my lawn while i tell them about my bad day

an awful person would not spend their time making me laugh

an awful person would not go out of their way to make me feel included

an awful person would not take me for long drives and show me all their favorite songs

you are so far from awful regardless of what you believe

and you're not as crazy as you think you are either

and i wish you would tell me all the things you think would scare me

even if they did i would still understand  

even if they did i wouldn't think any less of you

i'm not sure i could

i wish i was half of what you are

you are the most amazing human being i've met in my life

you're my favorite person, even if i'm not yours

it's goddam crazy

thank you for becoming my best friend

thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws and for letting me see yours

thank you for your honesty and your support

thank you for the hugs and the late-night conversations

thank you for pushing me to be better because you know i can

thank you thank you thank you a million times over again

i love you with my entire being, the whole way through






This poem is about: 
My family


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