Dear Wind

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 21:05 -- j2theng

Your currents carry all different colors that nobody else can see but me
They blow the strongest on my worst days
When you're near me, I can feel you
When you're nowhere in sight, I can still hear you speak
When you blow by me, all I want to do is follow
We raced once, and you beat me
Your mystery captivates me every single day, you never get old.And each of those days, I'm so eager to learn more about you each time you speak
You're never constant
Your drifts frustrate me
Sometimes, I hate you, sometimes I love you
You resemble perfection in the rarest ways
When you decide to hang around me, I'm not able to see dark clouds or stormy skies
Your presence is undescribable, I can say simply that nothing else matters
Your strength overwhelms me, not everyone can see it...because i'm the only one who feels it
You are so familiar, because you've been around me for many years
You give me peace and warmth like on beautiful days
We've built a friendship through the high's and the low's of the weather
this friendship satisfies me to the in motion, going all directions
You carry such a bittersweet melody, but you're unaware
I'm curious to see what you would do if I gave you my secrets, my answers
You sway away, but you always end up coming back
Your music keeps me up at night, tapping against the roof and my heart
Somewhere among the sunsets, stars, and fields you end up in my dreams
I know that maybe some days, distance might keep us apart only because i'm seeking for shelter
Times like these, I'm desperately pulling away
You eventually draw me in like a magnet, and I can't stay away
No matter what you break, or what you've already broken... at the end of the day, the friendship we've built is enough for me Our foundation is set, and flowing
The thing is, I don't want to lead you astray
I could not bring myself to ruin our ongoing current
Letting go might be the only choice I have left, but you're always here

Wherever you take me, I'll cherish the rest of our memories together
If you happen to find someone else, happen to tag along with them instead
I hope you'll blow me a dandelion, so I may wish you happiness forever
Please always just remember me

P.S. Wind, it's not really's him.


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