Dear Triffling Male Population

Sat, 10/31/2015 - 11:47 -- Mori B.

Everytime I ask a question you got a different story.

I have no idea why I mess with dudes like you who just so daggone corny.

You won't find me wasting my time tryna make you change,

Cuz first you have to be in my league BEFORE you run ya game!

Not to be conceited but I'm loyal, smart, and cute

So it behooves me you run around with female that aren't true

If you lookin' for a reaction: try again please!

Who YOU decide to downgrade to has no PERSONAL effect on ME.

I won't be offended...I wont make a scene,

if you decide to drop me for the girl down on her knees.

What yo mama teach you, man I don't know

But mine taught me not to pick ANYTHING up off the flo'.



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