Dear Teacher


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Dear teacher I wish you would teach the kids the why’s behind what you say.
Dear teacher I wish you would show the kids how they should behave a certain way.
Dear teacher I wish you would stand up for what you believe.
Dear teacher I wish you would give all kids a chance and not think they all deceive.

Challenge the students and help them grow.
Find a creative way to articulate your thought.
Have fun teaching and giving tests on things they should know.
Then students feel good about the books they’ve bought.

Make learning fun, exciting and not boring.
Then their minds will be open and soaring.
Put down the make-up, hair brush and phone.
And pay attention to the kid in the back who doesn’t do work and is all alone.

Be prepared to give those that deserve and want to learn that time.
Instead of focusing all the attention on the misbehaviors that cause crime.
Allow them the chance to speak and put in their two cent.
It would be nice to be proud of how the tax dollars for school are being spent.




Poetry is a gift and reading them takes an open minded person.

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