Dear Sweet Alice

Oh dear sweet Alice,

Pure heart of white roses.

The queen is coming for you

With all the king’s horses.


You seem ill Alice.

Are you feeling alright?

Didn't your mother ever warn you

About getting high

With blue caterpillars?


Or maybe it was because of the tea party.

After all, the only thing mad about the Hatter

Are the funny little things

He’s been slipping on your platter.


Shrooms and goons,

White rabbits and loons

All have a special place in Wonderland.


But my dear sweet Alice,

You are better than this.

You should know better

Than to take orders from a biscuit.


And now you are lost.






The rabbit hole you go,

Spiraling into insanity.


The treats seem tasty

Until your porcelain skin

Becomes sticky in red paint

From sniffing all those

Thorn covered roses.


It’s too bad

My dear sweet Alice,

It truly is a shame.

You’d rather take your mind to Wonderland

Than to go back from where you came.

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