Dear Sun

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 15:36 -- staubia

Dear Sun,

In the twilight of my days, nostalgia rolls over me in waves

Admiring the past through rose-tinted lenses

Overlooking that the past disappointed when I lived it

Forgetting the notion that life has not changed

What has failed when history is glorified

My heart, my passion, or my intellect?


He had appeared from the clouds

Burning bright beyond compare

A beacon of hope to my wandering

His soft song resounded only in my ears

There could be no other, there would be no other

He was the one, my only sun


But the power he had caused agony

My sun afflicted great pain

I was left wondering how I had become a shell

Past me stood shaken and stripped to its core

Scorched of all meaning and purpose


Time is wasted reflecting into a murky pond

For dwelling on past only clouds the future

Look within, and steer from a present so grim

I must stand up strong against current inhibitions

A strong future built by a strong present

So I forget the sun and look past the horizon

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