Dear Romantic Feelings

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 17:11 -- LexieR

Where are you? 

I have heard about you and I have seen you in stories but I don't know you

As if you were avoiding me like a disease

Someone that you can not grace their presence with

You lead others towards me 

Maybe not on purpose

But you never are there for me

I know all of your relatives 

Platonic and I are on best of terms 

but you?

I hear of how you conquered evil and can give me strength

but to me, it feels like you are only a fantasy

Maybe I should be okay not knowing you but it isn't easy

Not when I'm told that you will help complete me

As if I have a piece that is missing

As if the feelings I still have aren't enough

I don't feel incomplete but just frustrated

Frustrated that others speak of you like you're an old friend or foe

But still, they know you

Why am I so different?

Maybe one day I will accept that I will never know you

Or I will one day stumble upon you by accident 

But until then I will wonder why?

Sincerely, A Stranger


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