Dear Red Boy



Dear red boy,
I didn't know what to think of you until I met you,
I thought the rudest of you,
I thought that because you were way older we couldn't fall in love,
I fell in love with you from a distance,
Seeing you in person,
I only wish I could have you,
Just like you have me when I'm on you,
I wish that every time I could be with you,
And not just see you only five times in a week.

Dear red boy you make me happy,
Did you realize that?
Cos when I'm on you,
All I can think of is the energy you take,
And the happiness you bring,
And the sadness that you keep away,
No bad energy on your side at all,
I was shy before I met you,
But you're slowly killing that part,
19 years old,
Am I too old for you or young enough?
If I talk to you,
People will think I'm crazy,
But deep down I know you can hear me,
And somehow I hope you listen.

Dear red boy,
Hold my heart in your hands,
Like I hold you in mine,
Treat it like I treat you,
So forget about how the feet of Enoch makes you feel,
Or the warmth Divine's presence leaves,
I don't promise to be better,
But I hope to do more,
That when I leave,
My presence is all you'll crave,
I don't want to please you,
You are already impressed with me.

Dear red boy,
Bring me close to you like the white markings on your skin,
Together we will achieve great works,
And a great name,
On you is where I belong,
With you,
Until heaven takes me hostage,
With no ransom.

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