Dear Racist Customer

You poor thing, you. You only came here to

get some food for your empty stomach and pay

with your own money that you worked so hard

for and, oh my, someone put a hand on you.

Oh dear, you were only being yourself, huh? 

Expressing your own opinions, minding your own

business and whatnot. It's okay, I have that same

dilemma. I can't be myself  either. I can't seem to roam freely

on the American lands without being threatened,

insulted, discriminated and disrespected by ignorant

people like you because I am a proud Hispanic.

Don't you think you're crossing the line just a 

tad bit by being racist? Yeah, I said it. You're

being racist. You're probably gonna go tell your friends, huh.

"Hey man, don't go to that burger joint because I

almost got beat up!" They'll ask you, "Why did

you almost get beat up, man?". . .

Well go on, tell them, "Because I was being a racist

dirtbag." say it! "I am a racist dirtbag!"

 Don't ever discriminate someone because the

color of their skin is different from yours.

All they're trying to do is live up to your 

demands and making sure your order is right;

just the way you liike it. Take your food,

walk out and don't come back with that attitude.

Oh and, sweetheart, don't let the door hit you

where the good Lord split you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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