Dear Plus Sized Body

Dear plus sized body,

Let’s take a plus sized break

From the offensive compliments

The, “You’re not fat, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL”

From the distasteful dehumanization in media

The, “Why are you letting yourselves be seen? It’s not healthy, go hide”


Acceptance is a hard pill to swallow

Confidence is a light switch

Off and on and on and off

But each day will gradually be as easy as devouring pancakes on Sunday morning


Your strength is heavier than the scale number

You’ve been writing extra love letters to yourself to overcompensate the pain

Pesky voices tell you to toss your daily feast to shave down a pound


But look at you

You are in the open

Exhaling and stretching your plump body

You are unapologetic and gracious

Your confidence is thicker than snickers

So much so that it can’t snap like a candy cane anymore


Being plus equals extra baggage, extra self care, plus love

You’ve been baking and rising

Readying yourself for the sharp knife of criticism

You take it like butter because the oven prepped you to not underestimate the heat of the kitchen

But to realize the heat of the naysayers can’t harm you when you’ve used that very heat to mold a heroic plus sized queen


With love,

A fluffy girl who gets it

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