Dear Mini me


My miniature me

Who could you have been?

A sweet boy or a guiltless shy girl

We picked out your name

If you were a boy you would be Kayden Anthony

But if you were a girl you would be Kaliyah Love

Yet It pains me to say this

As you grew inside

I began to despise


How could I care for you?

My future unseen nor complete

We were silly in thinking we could be parents

A dad must come home

Not chase girls at the bar

But here I am with this degree

These baby commercials now taunting me

Maybe I could have gave you the world

Like the rest of these single mothers who I now know

But I was afraid of losing my dreams

I made a Mistake

For heaven’s sake I was only a teen!

Who could you possibly be with a mother like me?

But I will never know

Since I never gave you a chance

My miniature me

That I will never see

That I will never know

A life taken, because I was A foolish teen…


This poem is about: 
My family


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