Dear Handy Man.

Dear Handy Man,

To the boy that broke my heart but fix its all at the same time.

The beginning was nothing but young love.

Catching each other’s glance like in the movies.

Little did I know his was going to turn into something more.

Not knowing much about you I soon found out you had a girlfriend, one you’ve had for a while now.

We only talked as friends, but you know we had something special.

That summer you lead me on to believe it was going to be just us, to find out it was all just a lie.

A littler freshman thinking she could finally have real love unlike the love from her abusive boyfriend, someone that cared for her.

Don’t worry she got away eventually but didn’t fall into the arms of the handy man.

The girlfriend soon caught on that he was distracted and not by her.

Now she was after me.

Making my life a living hell for the next two years was her goal.

During the school year we did talk much because he would get in trouble by her, soon learned to realize I wasn’t the only one that had an abusive relationship.

I got out, he didn’t.

Summer is where the magic happened.

Sophomore year he told me they were done.

This is my shot, finally.

Until I heard those four words no one wants to here.

“I almost asked you out”.

When summer was over he left for college, thinking we would make it work while he was gone.

Not knowing he had other plans in mind.

As the last night home rolls around we say our good byes, but I didn’t know that would be my last words with him.

Three days have past, he informs me he’s back with HER again.

I swore I would never be with him again, never think or see him again.

We didn’t speak my whole junior year, he tried but I refused.

That years was more downs that ups but its how it had to be.

Summer sneaks up and so does his name on my phone.

I agree to finally talk to him after a whole year of no communication.

He tells me he has finally decided to leave her after the things she has done over the years and while he was gone.

As blessed as I was I had to stay strong and be caution.

We clicked just like old times, even more amazing than before.

July 14th was a day to remember, not only for days but months.

Soon to become our anniversary.

Finishing out the summer, him going back to college, I starting my senior year was the hardest.

Him coming home for breaks made it easy but hard.

One break changed everything.

Christmas break January 2nd.

At one of our spots we’ve both been connected to all four years.

He promised me, promising to stay forever.

In the end everything happens for a reason and karma comes back around.

The other girl, oh karma got her.

Let’s just say she wouldn’t have been a good mother.

Not only did my Handy Man break my heart for three years.

He fixed my heart for four years and more to come.

God put us through that to become stronger.

A true blessing in disguise.


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