Dear Friendship,

Dear Friendship,

Why do you make me so happy?

Why do you make me so confused?

Why do you make me feel lost?

Why so happy? Why so sad? Why so angry?

Why so vengeful? Why so hateful? Why so jealous?

Sincerely, Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

The questions you have asked can be answered in one word: love. Love is not controlled; love is not fate; love is not a dream. Love is whirlwind of madness, fighting, and confusion.

I make you happy because I am real; I am not hidden behind a mask. I am right in front of you. I care, worry, help, and love. It is just who I am. You love me because I am not something generic; I am me.

I make you confused because I am a mystery. I am a puzzle. Although, I am right in front of you, there is always a secret kept, a lie told, and feelings hurt. This is the way of life; the way of friendship; the way of love.

I make you feel lost because I am lost. I am spinning around trying to thrive, having downfalls, and trying again.

I am happy because I never give up. When I never give up, I get the reward of a new friend. I am sad because I care. I care about you: your dreams, happiness and life in general. I am angry because I have an empty life. A life without you in it would never be the same. I am vengeful because I don’t like to get hurt. I don’t like to be told that you care about me, unless you show it in your actions. I am hateful because I care too much. So much that my heart is about to burst of compassion and happiness. However, caring too much can lead the smallest of things to become the whole world for me. If you ruin those things, my heart will break. Please don’t ruin them. I am jealous because I feel replaced, alone, and depressed. I need you by my side and in my memories till death encases me. I need you and I love you.

Love, Friendship


Dear Friendship,

I love and care for you too, but I believe you should look at the name below.

Yours Truly,



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