Dear Friend


Dear Friend,

Dear Friend, 

I must first entertain you with an apology.

'Tis the most I can do to indemnify,

Leaving so selfishly was a mistake.

Now time remins perpetually on the hands of my clock.

The same hands that strangled me,

The ones that battered me until I could not stand.


Dear Friend,

I must help you fathom my convoluted escape:

My life was beautiful and yet desolate.

A dark passenger in a snowy dress,

An engagement ring with no hand to adorn.

Like a heart with no blood to ump.

I searched for life among the dead

And so my soul searched for an orifice to crawl out

My Friend, she found it.


Dear Friend,

Our connection was not futile.

"Tis a sin to think our friendship was vain,

For it was rather fruitful.

In the pitch dark alley I walked,

You were a candle.

I hope and hope

'Tis well with your soul.



Your Friend

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