Dear Evan,

It has been a year today,
And I don't know what to say
I think about you everyday;
That "missing something" feeling hasn't gone away.
I remember moments we had others wouldn't know;
Like when we would watch movies together, while talking on the phone.
I loved when we would text and you would ask me words you didn't know.
It's all of those little moments that I cherish most.
I relive those moments often in my head,
And I keep reading all the words I've already read.
I take a moment to think about what you would have said,
"Keep on keepin' on" is what you would have pled.
When I close my eyes, I don't see you as clear.
Someday not at all, you will fade away, I fear,
And when I think of this is when  I shed a tear;
After all I've lost so much, only in a year.
I think about all the times together that we had,
I get so full of emotion, and it's not always bad.
I laugh and smile and joke and really don't feel sad,
Other times I even get a little mad
The roller coaster has been steep 
A wild ride of ups and downs, hops and skips and leaps.
Your memories are ones I will keep,
And I will still dream about you when I sleep .
My words are running short, but there is still so much to say
I just don't know how to get them out, I'm sorry there is no way 
So I will say goodbye, and about you I will pray 
After all I've done it every night, for a year today.
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