Dear Brother


Dear Brother

You’ve teased me,

Loved me,

Tormented me,

And taught me.

You’ve made me cry,


Yell and scream,

and smile,

All in the same day.

I hated you,

But only sometimes

And only as a thought

Not a real hate

A hate you have for the actions of others

Not the person themselves.

I loved you,



And forever.


Dear brother,

You left me.

I know why you left,

But I don’t understand

Why you won’t come back.

Three years.

Three years

I have waited

For you to walk through the front door

Like you have done

Every other time.

But you haven’t

And you choose not to.

I would rather you were gone

Because you had to be.

I hate that you left

By your own accord

And choose not to come back to me.


Dear brother,

I miss you,

I love you,

I wish you were here.

You need to come back to me,

To us, your family,

So we can be whole again.

But I know you won’t

You’ll stay away

Because you choose to.

I don’t blame you,

But I need you.


With me.


Dear brother,

Please come back

To me soon.


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