Dear Brisa

Dear Brisa,

Beautiful is but a word to describe your inner beauty

You handle me so well even when I am moody

We met on a summer’s day, does that say Shakespeare?

Shakespeare writes of love and tragedies but our friendship is anything but

We have a more of a kinship type of love, one that may never rebut

If you ever question my love for you then ask yourself is your favorite not Wendy’s

Our laughter is one for the books, well it should be considered for a Hyena book

When we grow older let us still be as wonderful as we are now in our youth

Let our children grow together and reminisce in the times that they will have

Let us live a life as friends and family never foe, because that would be so woe

In our minds we may falter in our youth and memories, but our hearts will not

Forever will we live life like we have in our innocence and youth

While we eat our Wendy’s and live our time out being happy

Perhaps one day when all is over we will have love and laughter

To remember between us, Brisa my friend and sister let us be together forever


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My community


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