dear best friends


Dear best friends

please open up your ears

And listen to my story about me

I’ve been through a very difficult time right now

But through the disbeliefs, and disappointments, I have found strength within me

friends are easy to have when you got alot going for yourself-everyone is your friend

it's when you go through losses and failures, who is still going to stick around

my best friend listens when I need it and he never turned his back on me

he has been there through my rises and falls, successes and failures

He laughs at all my jokes and has a sense of humor.

He shares a few stories and all we do is crack up

When no one else is there and I think I’ll lose my mind

i'll give him a shout out to vent as he does for me when he is going through a tough ordeal

that's what friends do, have each other's back

and not turn away when there is disagreements

I communicate and I digest his brutal honesty

feels like my life is going on a downward spiral

but like we always say, when you have people that want to see you win, those are the one you have in your life

And slowly he reminds me, exactly why he’s there.

And how he never left my sight, never turned his back on me

i said at one time i'm a lone soldier

he said nah bee, we all soldiers

you are not alone

I’m talking about God 1st and 4most, but also my ace serge

greatest friends one can ever ask for

His love is more than enough for everyone, no matter what we do.

So stop directing hate upon yourself and on the world.

Because you’re not alone. lord, i thank you for the life i live, thank you for sending me a true best friend

He seen me at my best; also my worse

And i know that you will be there lord, through thick and thin

lord knows you do not like it whenever i shed tears

you pour your love out and wash away any of my fears

so i'll conquer that stands in my way

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