In The Dead Of Night

In the dead of night

The moon shone bright 

A lone soul raced

In search of the light

She was being followed by her prey

And had nowhere safe to stay

In the dead of night


Running down the streets 

From the beat of feet

She tripped on the ground

And fell with a pound

The sound was growing louder

It hurt her to breathe

In the dead of night


The shadowy figure loomed above

He pushed her to the ground with a shove

He held her down

Mouth turned to a frown

Saying “my dear, there’s only so much time I can be around”

He got right to work

Face twisted into a smirk

In the dead of night


She felt hopeless and small

Trying not to bawl

As the pain would not subside

She could not pretend

That there was a good way this could end

Until she saw it

In the dead of night


It walked up with a stride

Head held high with pride

As it beat her wide-eyed attacker 

It tied up the man who had held a knife in his hand

Her tears started to dry as she let out a great sigh

In the dead of night


She then turned to her savior

This bringer of justice

Who could this hooded shape be?

She asked with a plea

“Why did you save me”

To which it responded

“Because humanity’s cursed

To never truly know what it’s like to be free

Of pain and fear and suffering

Girl, please here my glee

That it is my time to lift up your people

Off of their broken knee”

The vigilante turned to leave

In the dead of night



She shouted over the eerie silence

“But what must I call my hero of truth?

What shall your name be?”

The figure turned once more and said in a quiet scream

“Where I’m from

My home in the stars

They call me 


Goddess of Justice

Protector of innocence

But I really must go now

My sweet child stay

Good and pure and righteous

In every way”

With that Astraea was gone

To stop other beasts who prey

In the dead of night


This poem is about: 
Our world


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