A Dead Heart Cannot be Brought Back to Life

my eyes won't get any less red
and my heart won't get any less dead
if you were to buy me everything in the world,
or lay me down in bed

every time I close my eyes, it burns
my mind screams and my soul yearns
but if I were to succumb to the sweet sound of you
I would break even more, you'll learn

there once was a princess who was happy as could be
but one day her prince decided to flee
she was not quite herself but decided to try
one half of a whole isn't right, you see

however if you felt the pain inside my chest
you'd realize that there's nothing left
what was left of me, I have scaled down to nothing
yet I wish I could give you the rest

a slow death everyday is something we all share
but the slowness is what I just can't bear
I want to live forever with you
but life justcan't be that fair


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