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browsed through selections ,to get a question so epsent, who sent it, must be a majestic magic, bury i  the phantom next to my casket, you hear the cheers of my peers, laughing at my tears, cheers to a crappy year, I hate being sympethetic to genetics, my minds a mess it's reckless, precious heaven was replaced with a plague covered dressing, equations are facing multiplication, the basis are spaces, my flesh is the death wish to my reflection, my non intelligence is present because of my daily neglegence, the truth hurts like christians coming to church but then get murked, i dont want to face the fact of my foolish act, or my dad's income tax, my dome is lonley , supposedly i shold listen closely to my emotions, its none other than commotion, i inheritbad influence from music, my minds polluted about who did, scences that are stupid, i was crusified in my foolish eyes, suicides not my truthful side, Im impressive to the rest of them, what's an antonym to my tempertantrums, answers are random, ask benjamin, but yet there still no telling him, daily obstacles that made possible impossible, daily's are crazy , maybe its all in my daydreams.

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