A Day at The Beach


Olympia street
United States
44° 59' 45.3696" N, 93° 22' 13.0224" W

Behind these glasses my mind growls - full of emptiness - like my stomach. Not fed. A mosquito trapped in a window. My mind trapped in a tiger's cage. Gnawed, ripped. Ripped like the waves hitting the shore, drooping with disappointment and more growls.

Shadows cover the burn and the raccoon in the mirror stares back at me. Coldness burns and seeps further into my mind. Into the depths of my sea. The tangled seaweed secrets creep out of my ears, sway as every sting ray slides by. Gasping. A fish out of water. Out of my mind, out of my sea and out of control.

Mocking birds chirp around my head. Dazed, blazed. A crab. A crab of red. Burrowing in the sand, lower and lower into the World. I am just a crab. A spec of darkness on the run.


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