To Davy Jones' Locker She Sank

Fri, 04/25/2014 - 03:54 -- LeeLee

Down, from my sleep to the floor,
I came tumbling down.
The wind and waves caught the ship
And whipped her stern around.

Another blast hit the ship.
I heard a strange sound.
I felt the ship shake and crack
On a rock; we had run aground.

Thunder filled my ears;
Lightening tore through the sky.
My heart was in my stomach
When I heard the terrible cry.

The cry that chilled my bones,
The cry that sealed my fate,
"Abandon ship! Cast the boats off!"
Screaming I ran, they did not wait.

A wave and a gust of wind,
They were forever gone.
I lay alone on the deck
Till the storm broke at dawn.

I rose with the red sun,
The only soul alive.
Both a blessing and a curse,
It was to for me to survive.

Despair filled my heart,
As I surveyed my hopeless plight.
Water, everywhere, water;
Nothing else in sight.

Slowly, the ship went down,
To Davy Jones' locker she sank.
Till nothing was left to me,
Save but a lonely plank.

Three days I clung to that plank,
Struggling to stay afloat.
Till on the horizon appeared a sail,
Billowing from the mast of a boat.

A boat! A boat-Thank God!-
Off her course had strayed.
The crew pulled me from cold ocean.
Out of the jaws of death I was saved.

Three months swiftly sailing,
Finally brought me to the safe shore.
I vowed that I would never sail
The treacherous ocean ever more.


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